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Haiti – Economy : A great First in the country


Haiti – Economy : A great First in the country

25/09/2020 11:09:20

Since 2015, the Konbit Project of the Democracy and Governance office of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID-Haiti), has been strengthening the capacity of local organizations to take leadership in the development of Haiti.

In 2018, GECA (Management, Study, Accounting, Audit), a women-owned financial services consulting company, won a competitive Konbit Innovative Grant to develop and test its “FIDUTEK” platform service and web application. Through FIDUTEK, GECA and partners have collectively modernized credit union systems and provided a secure network to their clients.

This is a great first in Haiti and these credit unions can now offer the same services as a bank : SMS / mobile banking, real-time access to their accounts, which increases financial inclusion and transparency. Initially intended to accommodate two credit unions, due to strong demand, the GECA-FIDUTEK IT platform now serves 55 credit unions. FIDUTEK provides online and mobile banking services to its members representing over 400,000 potential new customers. GECA CEO Johann Bounouni believes “As our platform continues to grow and expand its services, members’ perception of money also changes. Increased access to financing means increased financial literacy, and members understand that money is a tool to grow their business, to obtain stability, and feed and provide comfort to their families.”

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