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Haiti – DR : Resumption of repatriation of Haitians in an irregular situation


Haiti – DR : Resumption of repatriation of Haitians in an irregular situation

17/10/2020 10:14:24

Enrique García the new Director of the General Directorate of Migration (DGM) revealed that in the community of Villa Mella, nearly 500 Haitian citizens controlled in an irregular migratory situation, without any documents justifying their stay in the national territory, had been repatriated.

In addition, Garcia denounced a form of clandestine trade in visas carried out by Dominican consuls in Haiti in favor of Haitian nationals, assuring that controls will be strengthened in order to put an end to this kind of illegal practice.

In addition, he recalled that since his appointment to the DGM the President Luis Abinader had provided him with all the necessary support to “enforce the law on immigration and repatriate of all illegal foreign nationals in an irregular migratory situation, whatever their nationality;” adding “The President has been radical in this regard […] the country cannot allow illegal aliens on its territory and anyone who finds themselves in this situation will have to leave the country or they will be expelled as stipulated by law.”

Recall that Enrique García recently held a virtual meeting with his Haitian counterpart Joseph Ciancialli, Director of the Directorate of Immigration and Emigration, in order to begin talks aimed at resolving the problems caused by the illegal migration of Haitians and smuggling of goods. He clarified that this meeting is the start of a process that should lead to the signing of bilateral agreements to correct migratory problems, to apply Dominican law 285-04 and to regulate trade at the border between the two. Nations.

At the end of this meeting, García praised the attitude and openness of his Haitian counterpart, who in addition to recognizing the problems that illegal migration generates for the Dominican Republic, expressed a firm will to sign bilateral agreements to resolve border issues. In addition Ciancialli assured him that Haiti was ready to restart trade with the Dominican Republic through binational markets.

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