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Haiti – DR : Bilateral meeting around the border markers


Haiti – DR : Bilateral meeting around the border markers

26/10/2020 09:43:31

Jean Claude Barthélémy, the Director of the Cabinet of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Claude Joseph at the head of a Haitian delegation, went to Jimaní last week, as part of a meeting with a Dominican delegation led by Roberto Alvarez, the Dominican Minister of External Relations.

During this meeting in which several civil and military authorities from the two countries of the island also took part, the need to enforce the limits already established by the terminals in accordance with the provisions of the memorandum of understanding signed in January 1929 on the delimitation of the land border between the two countries was discussed, concerning the dividing line between border marker number 240 (submerged 5 meters under water), 241 (submerged one and a half meters) and 242 (still visible), which although flooded by the Azuey lake determine the territorial division and sovereignty of each country. The location and reconstruction of terminal #251 was also discussed.

Discussions and collaboration between the two parties will continue at the technical level. The two Chancellors have agreed to meet shortly to endorse the decisions adopted and to discuss in more depth other questions concerning bilateral relations.

The day after this meeting Roberto Álvarez, denied the false information published on a Haitian online newspaper which affirmed that “[…] the authorities intended to redefine the limits of the border […]”

The Dominican Chancellor assured that during the meeting between the Haitian and Dominican authorities, there was never any question of a new delimitation of the border recalling that “The territorial limits between the Dominican Republic and Haiti were established in the Treaty of the Dominican Haitian border of 1929, the border agreement of 1935 and the Protocol of revision of the borders of 1936 and that these limits between the two countries are decisive, immutable and non-negotiable.”

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