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Haiti – Diaspora : Soon mobile consulates in France


Haiti – Diaspora : Soon mobile consulates in France

05/02/2021 10:00:20

The Consul General of the Republic of Haiti in Paris, Wedlyne François Pierre, has decided to set up a new program called “Konsila vi n pi pre w” intended to make the services of the Consulate closer to our compatriots.

This program started from the observation that our compatriots in provincial towns invest too much time and money to get in touch with the Consulate. It is unacceptable that some of our compatriots spend between six and eight hours before being able to arrive at the Consulate General of Haiti in Paris. In some cases, they are obliged to spend the night with a relative or worse, if they do not know anyone in the Paris region, they are obliged to rent a hotel room to be sure to arrive on time to our services. .

The “Konsila vi n pi pre w” program will consist of going out to meet compatriots in provincial towns where they are found in large numbers, such as Rennes, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Orléans among others. The Consultate will work in partnership with associations in order to find out the number of compatriots who would need to renew their passports or request an act from the legal service. As soon as the number of requests reaches a reasonable level, the Consulate will organize a day during which our compatriots will be able to carry out all their procedures on the spot.

Note that this program is reminiscent of the mobile Consulate service organized in particular by the Consulate of Haiti in Orlando (Florida) for several years.

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