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Haiti – COVID-19 : The festivities of the holiday season worry the Council of Ministers


Haiti – COVID-19 : The festivities of the holiday season worry the Council of Ministers

29/11/2020 08:28:00

This week at the 64th Council of Ministers, chaired by President Jovenel Moïse, assisted by Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe, Ministers, Directors of Cabinet and Secretaries General of both the Presidency and the Prime Minister office were present.

On the agenda the issue of security and that of the end of the year celebrations, however, it is the Covid-19 which dominated this Council by a little more than 2 hours, with about twenty interventions after that of Dr. Marie Greta Roy Clément, the Minister of Public Health.

Balls, dancing evenings, Christmas activities, shows… the holiday calendar is so busy until January 2021, that clear and formal instructions have been passed to the Minister of Culture in order to raise awareness among owners of clubs and nightclubs, restaurants, bars, but also, the organizers of cultural events, musical promoters, entertainers, DJs, artistic groups and artists, in terms of their responsibilities, during these festive periods, to protect their public and their customers from the Covid-19.

In addition, it was ordered to all the ministers, all the Secretaries of State, and Directors General, whose jurisdiction extends over the entire national territory, to make the wearing of masks compulsory within their respective institutions.

President Moïse reminded the Ministers present that in terms of compliance with barrier measures, it is first and foremost for the State to set a good example. Stressing that, in the midst of the end of the year holiday season, it is a question of taking all measures to protect against a possible second wave of Covid-19 on our soil, the Haitian population, the diaspora who will come to visit his family but also the tourists who have chosen to come and spend the holidays in Haiti.

Health vigilance and strict compliance with barrier measures were imposed during this 64th Council of Ministers, as an integral part of a new awareness-raising approach aimed at preventing the spread of Covid-19 in Haiti.

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