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Haiti – COVID-19 : Joint government statement


Haiti – COVID-19 : Joint government statement

14/10/2020 09:48:31

The Ministries of Health, of Education, of the Interior, Justice, Tourism, of Haitians Living Abroad, of Foreign Affairs, of Social Affairs, of Women’s Affairs and that of Culture, in a joint press release have recalled the maintenance of sanitary measures in order to reduce the possibility of the expansion of Covid-19 on the national territory.

The Government hastens to inform the population that COVID-19 continues to plague the country with a morbidity rate of 0.13% and mortality rate of 0.89 / 10,000 inhabitants recorded among people over the age of 50.

This situation calls for the greatest vigilance and requires civic awareness of society in order to curb the spread of the Coronavirus. It involves in particular the permanent and constant observance of barrier measures, the continued rigorous application of sanitary instructions as well as the protocols developed by the Ministry of Public Health and Population and those of other Ministries and public entities.

In this context, all State, commercial, industrial, educational, religious and social actors are concerned and have a particular responsibility to strengthen in their respective establishments the application of sanitary instructions and protocols developed for this purpose it is the same that in the families bhe decreted the mobilization and mutual surveillance to stem the spread of COVID-19.

The Government therefore particularly urges :

– Those in charge of schools and universities as well as vocational training centers strictly observe the protocol drawn up by the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training (MENFP) relating to specific health measures to protect the educational community including learners, teachers and employees ;

– Managers of places of worship, priests, pastors, houngans, etc… to enforce sanitary and social distancing measures as well as the directives of the Ministry of Business and Worship (MAEC). Access to funerals, weddings, baptisms is limited to fifty (50) people ;

– Bosses, unions, workers, inspectors of industrial parks and free zones as well as trading houses and banks to ensure the respect and strict observance of the instructions and of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor and of the Ministry of Trade and Industry for their personal protection and that of customers ;

– Public transportes, by land, sea and air, to personally ensure compliance with the wearing of a mask for their personal protection and that of passengers ;

The ministers who signed this press release, each as far as it is concerned, have taken the necessary steps to do everything possible to decree permanence through an active campaign around sanitary measures and the most rigorous application of sanitary protocols

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